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Film Review 2: The Infinite Border September 7, 2009

Posted by starglasgow in Film Review, Neighbours.

The Infinite Border.  Directed by Juan Manual Sepulveda (2008)

As part of the Viva Mexico showcase the Glasgow film festival offered the third feature from Mexican director Juan Manual Sepulveda, humanist documentary ‘The Infinite Border’.. Sepulveda explores the mass immigration from Mexico into the United States and through first account interviews highlights the determined unshakable nature of people searching for more fulfilling life and ultimately the American dream. As more and more people attempt to cross the border by any means possible the US attempts to shut them out with a 30-foot-high, 700-mile-long fence. The film is comprised of slow deliberating long shots which feel as if they will never end, tragic and optimistic personal stories and, at points, the tangible feeling you are waiting with the travellers to arrive somewhere that is utterly imperceptible. Carefully constructed, the ‘The Infinite Border’ offers an intimate portrait of the Mexican people to whom the American dream is the only choice left.

The Infinite Border

‘The Infinite Border’ was showing as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.  View the trailer and keep a look out for UK release.

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