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End Destitution Now February 4, 2010

Posted by starglasgow in Neighbours, News.

Destitute asylum seekers across the UK face hardship and poverty not seen since Victorian times.   After having had their case rejected, they are evicted from their homes, cut off from all state support and forbidden to seek work. This is a little-known but devastating situation facing hundreds of people each year in Glasgow.Allowing destitution to continue violates both international law and basic human decency. It also undermines values of tolerance and compassion that are held so dear in Britain. A change is urgently needed for the most vulnerable people in our society. We cannot allow them to simply fall through the cracks any longer.

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1. Dave - February 7, 2010

No problem, they do not have to be “destitute” and “face hardship and poverty”. They have had their cases rejected – they are failed asy;um seekers – trhey are now illegals. Get them back to their own countries – we have squandered enough of our money on them.

2. starglasgow - February 20, 2010

Hi Dave,

People get their claims for asylum rejected for lots of reasons; often they are unable to talk about thier experiences because they are sufferring from post traumatic stress, or they do not have any hard evidence of what they have gone through. We think that Britain shouldn’t be sending people somewhere their are afriad to go to, where they may be in danger. Some people can’t go back even if they want to; either there is no direct transportation there, or their own country will not allow them to return. Either way, we think that no-one deserves to be made homeless, regardless of their immigration status.

Star Glasgow

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