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“Asylum has become a dirty word” February 20, 2010

Posted by starglasgow in News.

The Scottish Refugee Council says that 25 years since it was set up, the situation for asylum seekers and refugees is worse than ever.  Peri has lived in Scotland for the same amount of time the Scottish Refugee Council has been in existence.  He’s Kurdish and was made to feel welcome when he arrived. Living in Glasgow he’s seen the changes in attitudes towards asylum seekers from the inside.  

Although huge efforts have been made in Scotland since then to help understanding between local people and newcomers, Professor Heaven Crawley, head of the centre for migration policy research at Swansea University, says attitudes now are worse than ever.  “If you ask people about asylum they tend to very quickly slip into talking about either economic migrants or even about ethnic minorities, you very quickly tap into a very deep seated prejudice and hostility.” she said.  The Scottish Refugee Council says it’s now even tougher for asylum seekers on all fronts – the way they are treated by the system and by the public.

From the BBC website.  Read more here.

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