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End Child Detention Now September 25, 2010

Posted by starglasgow in News.

In July 2010 Nick Clegg confirmed the government’s commitment to ending the detention of children for immigration purposes.  In the light of studies from Medical Justice, and Lorek et al. into the psychological damage; including depression, anxiety and self harm, as well as physical harm; such as asthma-  caused by detaining children in places like Yarl’s Wood, this seemed like the only plausible course of action.  However, it is now September and this ‘moral outrage’ still continues; and “minimising” detention, as suggested by Damien Green, is not an option.  The detention of children is inhumane, immoral and must end immediately. 

The government must find an alternative which lives up to this country’s legal and moral commitment to respecting and safeguarding the dignity and human rights of everyone.

Add your voice to End Child Detention Now – download and print the petition here.

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