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Sekou Cissoko should stay in Scotland October 8, 2010

Posted by starglasgow in News.

Sekou Cissoko (HO Ref. S1374749/2) arrived in the UK from the Ivory Coast in 2007. He was targeted by Security Forces and Pro-Government Militias for being an active member of the RDA (an opposition party). In December 2006 he was arrested on false charges of weapons smuggling and held for two weeks, during which time he was kept on a starvation diet and beaten regularly. Upon his release he was told “if we come for you again – it’ll be to kill you”. Less than three weeks later, masked Militia invaded his home. Not finding him there they beat his pregnant wife (who was later to suffer a miscarriage as a result) and set fire to his house. His wife fled with his 13 year old daughter, and Sekou has not had any contact with his family since then. His home has been burnt and his business destroyed. He has nothing to return to, and if returned, will be handed over to the authorities. The Ivory Coast is a particularly dangerous place for Sekou and other opposition party members because of the up-coming elections on the 31st of October

After Sekou resisted deportation this morning, and was brutally handled, he was taken back to Colnbrook IRC. He has now been served with new removal directions for tomorrow morning.

Please ask her the Home Secrarary Theresa May (mayt@parliament.uk) to exercise her discretionary powers to stop the flight, to release Sekou Cissoko from detention and to grant him protection in the UK.



1. Becky - October 8, 2010

I sincerely hope this deportation does not take place. We are fighting for a lady from the same place in a similar situation and know the injustices of the systems that fail to give protection where it is due.

Could anyone tell me if a travel document was required to implement these removal directions or did Sekou arrive with a passport?

Keep fighting and praying!

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