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Events: Sleepout & Ceilidh February 18, 2011

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This term we’ve got two big events to look forwards to:

On the 25th of feburary, students in Glasgow will be sleeping on the streets on the 25th of February, with performances
and speakers earlier in the evening to raise awareness of the destitution faced by thousands of refused asylum seekers in the UK, who are literally left penniless at the end of their asylum claim.

All are welcome to come along and show their support for the cause.

As part of the National Student Action Week from 21st to 27th February, up to 1,000 students across the country will be sleeping out, organised by Amnesty International and STAR.

We are calling on the government to get behind more sensible rules for permission to work for asylum seekers. Allowing people to work and support themselves if they have been waiting for more than six months for their cases to be concluded, or have been refused asylum but cannot be returned, would reduce the burden on the taxpayer and allow them to support themselves and
their families while contributing to the economy.

We’re also calling on our MP, Anne McKechin, to take a stand. We want her to support the “Let Them Work Declaration”, which would allow refused asylum seekers to be allowed to work to support themselves and their families, avoiding destitution until they can find a durable solution to their situation.

You can ask your MP to sign the declaration here, and join the facebook group here.

We’ve also got our annual ceilidh, with gu amnesty and red cross, with this year’s funds going to the brilliant Red Cross Refugee Unit.

you can find out more about the ceilidh, and join our facebook group here.

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