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Sleep Out with GU Amnesty! February 27, 2012

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Last November, STAR Glasgow slept overnight on the steps of the Wellington Church on University Avenue to raise money for a night shelter for destitute asylum seekers. This March 2nd, we’re doing it again; this time to raise money for Positive Action in Housing. This time, however, we are running the event with the Glasgow University Amnesty International society in order to make a bigger, better and more fantastic sleepout than ever before!

Positive Action in Housing (PAiH) is a Scottish charity that focuses on asylum seekers who have been made to live on the streets by the Home Office after their claims are rejected. This is an inhumane tactic used by the UK Border Agency to urge these people to return to the countries from which they fled. They don’t even have the right to use homeless shelters or hostels, so PAiH sets up special night shelters which they can use. As these asylum seekers are also deinied the right to work in the UK, many of them are starving, and so PAiH has set up a destitution fund to give them adequate food.

If you were at the last sleep out, you’ll already know how great it was for all of us; we had lots of guitar playing, singing and dancing, and the performance of a short play written specially for the occasion. This year we expect the same kind of happiness, but in much greater quantities. If you want to take part, just wrap up warm and bring your sleeping bag to the front steps of the Wellington Church at 8pm on the 2nd of March. If you can’t make it, you can still help out by sponsoring us, which can be done by following this link: http://www.justgiving.com/staramnestysleepout

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