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Welcome Freshers! September 12, 2012

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Hello everyone and welcome to another year at the University of Glasgow!
If you’re on this website, you’ve probably already expressed some interest in working with refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow. Good for you. We are Student Action for Refugees and here’s what we do.

Last year, we campaigned for a wide range of issues that affect people claiming asylum, from UK wide problems such as enforced destitution, child detention and the right to education, to local issues like forced evictions and a change of contract which left hundreds of people homeless. Throughout the year, we also worked to support individuals whose human rights have been neglected and threatened by the system. In the coming year, we hope to do all of this and more. We plan to add an international aspect to our work by looking at the problems faced by asylum seekers and refugees in the rest of the world. 

There is a wide range of groups in Glasgow that are working to improve the lives of asylum seekers. Many of our members also volunteer with these groups, either while being a member of STAR or after finishing university. If you’re interested in volunteering directly with asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow, let us know and we can support you into a volunteering role. We’re also planning to have some meetings which focus on opportunities available in Glasgow so keep an eye on our meeting plan!

Fundraising is an essential part of our work and last year we raised over £3,000 for various charities, from local groups to international organisations, and we provided some fun evenings along the way! From ceilidhs to cake stalls to sponsored sleep outs, we worked tirelessly to help charities continue their essential work.

While the cliché says that knowledge is power, it seems that misinformation and ignorance are just as powerful when it comes to shaping public opinion. We focus on awareness-raising of the true plight of asylum seekers, aiming to educate our members and the general public through a range of methods. This year, we hope to have guest speakers and presentations, awareness raising events such as sleep outs and information stalls, and educational workshops.


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