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Sleep Out 05/11/10

Glasgow University Student Action for Refugees (STAR), along with Positive Action in Housing (charity no. SCO27577), braved the cold and wet on the 5th of November 2010 and slept out under the stars.

We spent the night on the steps of the Wellington church to raise awareness and money for destitute asylum seekers in Glasgow.

These are people who have either had their claims rejected or are in the process of appeal and have had their support removed. The determination process is geared towards keeping asylum numbers down so a huge number of those rejected are in genuine need of protection. They are encouraged to return ‘voluntarily’ to their country of origin but too often this is far too dangerous to consider. They face a choice of suffering desperate poverty in the UK or facing persecution, torture and death in the countries they fled.  Read more about the problems faced by destitute asylum seekers here.

The money we raised went to Positive Action in Housing’s destitution fund which provides basic food and shelter for those who have nowhere else to turn. The destitution fund ensures safety and a warm bed, allowing these individuals to enjoy some of the basic human rights that have been denied to them so far.

Here are some pictures of the sleepout:



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