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About STAR

What is STAR?
STAR is a national network of student groups in the UK, working to improve the lives of refugees through volunteering, fundraising and campaigning. STAR began as a student group in 1994 in Nottingham, spreading to London and Edinburgh by 1996 and now has over 20 student groups across Britain.

STAR Glasgow
As a distribution centre for refugees, a strong network of support for arriving refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow is really important.  STAR Glasgow began several years ago (it’s origin has been lost in the depths of time) and has been working to improve the lives of refugees ever since.  We work to promote the national STAR campaign (the 2008-2009 campaign is “Let Them Work” – supporting the right of asylum seekers to work in the UK) and better awareness and understanding of refugee issues.  STAR Glasgow also coordinates with other refugee support groups like the Unity Centre, and the British Red Cross Refugee Unit to help asylum seekers and refugees by running and supporting volunteer projects.

What can STAR offer students?

Getting involved with STAR means you can try loads of different kinds of volunteering and fundraising.  You’ll get the opportunity to work with refugee and asylum seekers from helping people learn to find their way around Glasgow, to working with refugee kids in after school clubs.  We hold bands nights, ceilidhs and film nights so if you want to try organising an event, we’d love to hear from you. We also have a newsletter, Neighbours, so we’re looking for budding journalists to lend a hand.  At our meetings you’ll be able to talk to people, find out more and make friends, and we have talks and presentations from refugees, STAR members, volunteers and other refugee support groups.  STAR is a great fun way of meeting new people, having a great time and doing some good.

What can STAR offer refugees and asylum seekers?
STAR is here to help refugees and asylum seekers.  We can help you make the most of living in a university town; Glasgow Uni hosts regular talks, events, and exhibitions which non-students are welcome to attend.  We would love to hear from you if you want to talk at one of out meetings or write something for our publication, Neighbours. STAR can offer support to refugees and asylum seekers applying to study at university too.  Refugees are entitled to higher education in the UK and are treated as home students for the purposes of fees; in Scotland this means you should be able to study for free.  If you have been refused asylum but have leave to remain you may also be eligible for financial support.


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