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Prince of Broadway

Prince of Broadway.  Directed by Sean Baker (2008)

Sean Baker (Prince of Broadway)

Young Ghanaian illegal immigrant Lucky is living free and happy in New York. He works a small corner of Broadway hustling designer merchandise to unsuspecting tourists, has a little apartment, some money to go to college and in his spare time smokes weed with his work mates and sees his girlfriend. He is the best hustler on Broadway, and with his charm and panache anything seems possible. That is until his ex dumps a baby in his arms and vanishes.  Lucky’s world begins to crumble; he can’t go to the police because he has no citizenship and although his boss and fellow hustlers try to help, Lucky finds it near impossible to do his job with a little baby in tow. His little apartment becomes a play pen and his inability to care for a baby is constantly evident, in one scene he leaves it in the bath and orders it to stay put as he answers the door. As the story begins to unfold director Sean Baker carefully blends humour with a poignant emotional tale. When Lucky begins to realise that this baby is not going away he is forced to make some difficult choices, to abscond all responsibility or to take on the child as part of his life and care for it properly. With some excellent performances, including Prince Adu as Lucky and Karren Karagulian as his boss, ‘Prince of Broadway’ offers an uplifting utopian view of Lucky’s life in New York City. Although it possibly could have done more to explore the complex nature of the life of an illegal immigrant, its hard to resist or criticise the infectious feel good vibe this film gives off throughout.

‘Prince of Broadway’ was shown as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.  Visit http://www.princeofbroadway.com for information on screenings and DVD release.



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